Working for the Future of WMU

The Friends of WMU (FoWMU) is an all volunteer bi-partisan state political action committee, registered with the Michigan Secretary of State, and established to promote the interests of Western Michigan University (WMU).

FoWMU contributes to candidates for state office who share the priorities of WMU.

Making connections

The Friends of WMU helps build the relationships with state legislators necessary to secure public funding for the next generation of WMU students. Western Michigan University exists today because of a history of public dollars that have built a campus with nationally recognized faculty and state-of-the-art facilities.

Thousands of alumni started their careers with a diploma from WMU and are today the foundation of this state’s economic and civic community. Their diplomas were made possible because of public funding of WMU.

How you can help

You are one of the reasons we have had a successful agenda in the state Capitol. You can help by making a generous contribution to the Friends of WMU. The only way that we can be effective is with your voluntary support. You can make an impact. You can help 25,000 students be recognized in our state capitol. You can do that by making a contribution.


“I support the Friends of WMU because as a WMU graduate, it is important to me that WMU continues to flourish. In order for that to happen, I know that WMU’s best interests need to be well-represented at the state level, and the Friends of WMU help make that representation possible."  Aimee Jachym, Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PLC
"Friends of WMU (FoWMU) is a vital instrument to ensure Western Michigan University and its students always remain at the forefront of higher education priorities in the State of Michigan.  In an era where higher education funding has remained a backburner budgetary priority and outdated formulaic inequities exist, the FoWMU builds the necessary bridges with policy makers and boosts awareness to the legislative matters required to sustain and strengthen the institution."  Chris Praedel, Development and Alumni Relations, WMU
"Most normal human beings would rather contribute to a university cause such as student scholarships, Friends of the Library, or the Theatre Guild rather than something political like a PAC—even a Friends of Western Michigan University. That is what makes a contribution to FoWMU so important. Friends in the legislature can provide more money for scholarships, theater performances, and library books and software."  Peter Kobrak, Emeritus, WMU